Thursday, November 18, 2010

These kids are working hard!!

The kids and I have had a wonderful month of learning in here.  I learned about a new program to make avatars, which makes a cartoon like picture of you.  So everyone got to make an avatar of themselves.  Then we took those avatars and loaded them into comic life and gave them a voice bubble to write what they are thankful for.  They look so great!  Then we took the comic life avatars and loaded them into voice threads.  Now we are adding our own voices to them to post to the blog.  If everyone is here tomorrow they will be up by the end of the day!  But today is what I am most proud of.  The students typed their own stories on the computers!!!  Yesterday each kid wrote about how they would cook a turkey (so funny to read) and today they started typing them onto the computers.  It is so amazing to watch such young kids working on the computers!  I'm so excited to think of new projects for us to work on this year!!

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