Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14 - 18

Welcome back from our 3 day weekend. I hope everyone got out to enjoy the warm weather before the snow came in last night! Once again we have a busy week here in 1st grade.

Our new spelling words for this week are

This week is all about making the long o sound with oa and ow. Have your child look for words with that pattern as they read at home.

We have been talking about adding an ing or ed to action words in class. We have also been working with the rules of doubling the last consonant of a word if there is only 1 vowel and 1 consonant at the end of the word (hop to hopping) or just adding the ending if there is more than one vowel or consonant (float to floating / call to calling).

In Math we are finishing up with sums and differences to 12. We are really getting good at making fact families with these numbers. This week we will work with finding a number that is missing from an number sentence or fact family.

This week we will continue to learn about weather in science. Be on the look out for a very fun song about the water cycle.

Lastly we will start our power panther nutrition unit this week. This program is an 8 week program about eating right and staying active. Each child will have an activity book in class to work with, we will also do an activity, and make a snack each week that relates to the topic we are covering. It should be very fun!

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