Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 7 - March 10

This week we have lots of fun and exciting things going on in first grade. Here are just a few things to look forward to this week.

We are celebrating Savor the Spectrum Week by wearing a different color every day and then trying a food that is the same color. Here are the colors we will be wearing this week.
Monday: White
Tuesday: Yellow or Orange
Wednesday: Green
Thursday: Red
Friday is the day for purple and blue, since we are not in school that day thin about trying a food that is that color while you are at home!

In Math we are going to be working with graphs this week. We will be subtracting to find the difference and compare within our graphs. We will also continue to work on our 5 min. test. Keep practicing them at home.

Our spelling words for this week are working with the ay and ai spelling for long a.
The words are:
1. say
2. way
3. play
4. may
5. wait
6. rain
7. when
8. from
9. don't
10. I'm
Also keep working with our child on adding -ed to the end of words.

We will also start our science unit on weather this week.

Don't forget no school on Friday!!

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